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From SEO Consultant  - Zane Durant

RenoSEO is now for sale. Contact me to purchase this domain. My final Search Engine Optimization Post is on Blockchain.

  • Blockchain technology will affect the future of industry.

You may have heard of Blockchain technology from Bitcoin. That is the underlying tech behind bitcoin. For those of you new to the cryptocurrency world: Blockchain is the computer program that locks data together in continuous stream. These blockchains cannot be changed.

  • Smart Contracts are attached to Blockchain.

When you trade certain cryptocurrencies, they attach a smart contract to it. This contract can include financing for homes, or details of currency trading taxes.

  • The Uses for Blockchain Technology

The applications of blockchain are endless. A farmer can use blockchain to improve production of food. A carmaker can lower costs of a new vehicle. Aerospace, robotics, any company can benefit from blockchain. That’s why I am moving on to how we can use applied blockchain technology. I will leave up the old SEO copy post previously for ranking purposes. THIS DOMAIN IS NOW FOR SALE AFTER 16 years. Good luck!

Check out

Just in case you aren't sure what search engine optimization is, I put together an example to make SEO easy to understand.

The internet is like a huge library. It contains billions of web pages about every topic imaginable. A "search engine optimization specialist" is like a 21-century editor-librarian. Our job is to check your "book" or web page to see if you have the proper amount of information needed for that topic. We know what search engines what to see, and we give it to them. In the end, you are #1 and rich from selling product.

Creating SEO Content For Your Web Site

Your web site will never pop up #1, unless Google believes it is the best web site available for your topic. If your web site is about butterflies, it better contain every type of butterfly on the planet, photos of them, live blogs, and most importantly - links to every other butterfly web site on the Internet. If you don't do that, don't expect to be #1. Ask us about SEO copywriting.

Free SEO Advice

When you hire an SEO, make sure they are #1 themselves. If their web site isn't #1, you might want to find someone else. This web site, RenoSEO™ has been #1 on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, since 2005. That's 13 years at #1. Our keyword rankings are listed below.

Reno SEO™ Offers A Money-Back Guarantee

Call another SEO in Reno and ask them if they have a money-back guarantee. When they say no, tell them, "no thank you."

For the record, RenoSEO™ has a 100% money-back guarantee. Our specialists have a vested interest in your success. They do not get paid - until you are #1. They work night and day to get you to the top of Google in the least amount of time, because their financial success depends on it. We back up our work, with this guarantee: "You get to #1 or you get a full refund".

Starting an SEO project

Step One: Call RenoSEO™ and ask for a detailed review of your web site. Tell us your web address, the keywords you desire, and what your objectives are. Ask every question you can think of, because the phone consultation is free. You can reach our senior consultant, Zane Durant - at the Reno, NV office (775) 203-1288 or email:

Next Hire RenoSEO for your search engine optimization project. Our rates for each site varies depending on what kind of web site you want, how competitive your keyword phrases are, and how many pages are required to make you number one. We will know how many pages you will need once we look into your situation.

Paying for SEO

50% of the total cost of your optimization, is due before we begin any SEO project. The balance due MUST be payed on the day we upload the site to the internet.

More SEO

News releases written by our award winning staff also include insertion to over 8000 news outlets. Total cost: $795 per insertion/copywriting included. We can also blog about you and your business, for just $50 for each 300 word blog entry - save money when you buy 5 blog entrys for $150.

Our optimization fee includes 12 months of free copy changes, after that, Reno SEO's standard monthly SEO Maintenance is $300.00. All fees must be paid prior to doing the work.

SEO Cheaper Than PPC Ads

Search engine optimization is the cheapest way to market your product or service on the Internet. Compare pay-per-click ads to SEO and you will see that optimizing your site saves you money, while giving you long-term results, those Google pay-per-click ads are here today, and gone tomorrow.

Can you SEO (1) keyword?

You better believe it! Let's say you just created a brand new Ketchup. You want to go up against the kings of the ketchup world. Even though Heinz and Hunt's have spent the last 100 years advertising to the world about their tomato ketchup, search engine optimization can knock their product completely off the front page of Google. Now, of course it would take about a year of work; but we could beat them, making you the #1 Ketchup in the world.

About SEO Design

This web site is optimized for several keyword combinations. We keep the images down, and keep the contact revelant, that's why we've been #1 on Google and Yahoo, for 13 years. What kind of web sites can we do for you? Any kind!

Reno SEO is a team of talented advertising execs, and top notch web designers, that create any type of web site you desire. We can also help you with anything "ecommerce", from start to finish. We help you set up a merchant account so you can accept credit cards, or help you get started with a Paypal account incorporated into your design.

Some clients ask, "How long will it take me to get to #1?" Our search engine optimization team has turned a web site from nothing to #1 in less than a week. In February 2006 we broke all the records for fastest site to #1 on Google. This client (before its purchase by Sony) was a high definition music download Sony later purchased the company and its assets for 530 million dollars.

RenoSEO Client Hits #1, #2, and #3!!
MSN SearchTerm:Skin Cancer Picture

#1 MSN - Reno SEO Client

Give us your site and we CAN make it #1 too! We would love to talk with you about search engine optimization and ecommerce ideas for web site. The first call is free. Call us for an appointment, anytime 7 days a week (775)203.1288 Zane Durant, CEO RenoSEO - a Nevada internet marketing company based in Reno, Nevada.

Search Engine Marketing Lesson


Internet Marketing or Search Engine Marketing as they call it now is very time consuming. You have to do hours of research for the web site and find the most popular keywords for the business. Then you have to check the competition to see what works now, figure out why, and how to counter it. The next step involves writing copy that not only contains your "keywords" it also has to SELL!

When designing your web page make sure your web copy includes all your best keywords in the first paragraph for best search engine results. That is the best search engine marketing advise I can give you. In today's tutorial, we will take a closer look into keyword copywriting using my SEO business as an example.

I have an SEO firm in Reno, Nevada, and I really want to add the words Reno, Nevada, SEO, Services, Solutions, and especially Search Engine Marketing into this web page. The more times I can use the phrases SEO Services, Search Engine Marketing or Reno SEO in this page - the better - but I have to be careful; if I use the phrase "Reno SEO" too much I will be bumped. Just watch how I work my "SEO Services" keywords into this copy below-->

By now you know my "SEO keyword": Reno SEO or - "Search Engine Marketing" must be all over this paragraph, just like you should fill your front page with all your best key phrases at just the right intervals. Watch this keyword placement:: "We can help you with your SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING! Reno SEO Services - Reno, Nevada!"

Here's another example, let's say you have a seo web design company in Reno Nevada - your main keywords "Reno, Nevada", and your secondary keyword, "SEO Web Design" must be all over your Reno SEO Web Design web site. WARNING: If you repeat your keywords too often on your page; like writing SEO-SEO in bold print (like I did just did in that textbook example); then you run the risk of being ignored by the search engines, which is bad! You can get away with things like that with search engine robots only once. Write copy like:: Our Internet Marketing Campaign made RenoSEO #1 on Yahoo for the term RENO SEO.

You may ask "How often can I use my SEO or search engine marketing keywords? Well, right now that pesky little robot from Yahoo or Google is considering my tutorial piece here might be a piece of "ad spam". So I will move onto another piece of SEO Magic...bold headings. Watch what I do with these SEO keywords:

Ecommerce Solutions!
Reno Ecommerce Consultants
Advertising & Marketing Consultants
Lake Tahoe & Reno, Nevada
Marketing since 1980

Finally, to end this "copywriting tutorial", I am going to add an even bigger and bolder heading, followed by smaller bold headings with should do the same on your site. Look here -->

Reno Search Engine Marketing Solutions
Reno SEO * Reno Web Development
Web Site Optimization * Reno Nevada

Search Engine Marketing * Translations * Ecommerce * Internet Marketing

Try to add keywords like I did into your web page. It will improve your rankings...Today's free search engine optimization tutorial is brought to you by Ecommerce Consultant Zane Durant * Reno Nevada. For more information about RenoSEO's Internet Marketing Solutions or Ecommerce optimization for your web site, here's my private Email address.

RenoSEO Client Hits #1 and #2!!
"MSN Search Term: Reno Land For Sale"

#1 MSN - Reno SEO Client

Reno Search Engine Marketing

Reno SEO -  Reno Internet Marketing

From SEO BLOG - May 2005: Internet Marketing - Reno Nevada
Question of the Day::
What is the #1 spot worth to you??
Stu: To me, getting to the top position on Search Engines means money, lots of money!
Gart: Grabbing the top spot is worth millions in my book and if you want to get there Reno SEO can get you there. Reno SEO can take you to #1 spot on Google and Yahoo.

Reno SEO is a talented group of Internet marketing consultants who know how to optimize a web site and how to get you on page one of all the top search engines; Google, Yahoo, AskJeeves and MSN without having to pay for those pay per click ads!! We guarantee fast results or you pay nothing! Reno SEO has an internet marketing strategy unmatched by most of the Search Engine Marketing industry. Our Ecommerce marketing plan helped one of our clients to increase internet sales by 94% in 60 days, another site made it to Google's page one in only 2 days and the #1 Spot on MSN in 19 days. Our search engine marketing plan made this client #1...

Thank you Reno SEO, #1 in 5 days... very impressive.
Kelly Harmon *

RenoSEO Client Hits #1!!
Yahoo Search Term: Skin Tag Remover

#1 Yahoo - Reno SEO Client

Reno Nevada SEO Firm Deliver Top Results * Top Ranked Nevada SEO 2005
Google, Yahoo, MSN, AskJeeves SpecialistSearch Engine Optimization is a relatively new science that is changing daily. The search engines change their search criteria frequently, and our SEO marketing team make instant changes to your copy make sure you stay at the top. The RenoSEO marketing plan guarantees results for you, or you get your money back. If you are launching a brand new website, we can point you in the right direction from the beginning by selecting the best possible domain name based on your keyword. Then we can help you develop a low budget site from scratch or introduce you to many talented web designers in the area. Finally we handle the optimization of the site, do a wave of news releases and you are off and running. We guarantee to get you up and indexed in less than a month from today without paying listing fees to any of those search engines.

If you are an established ecommerce web site, our ecommerce specialists and marketing staff can optimize your copy and increase your present rating and search position in just days. We can get you on page one of MSN in just a few days , or we refund your money no questions asked. You have nothing to lose by giving us a try. No other SEO company offers that! Our plan will achieve top ranking for your site organically, meaning that you do not have to buy those expensive Pay Per Click Ads to get to the top of each page. We can however takeover and handle your current PPC ad campaigns and get you a click through ratio as high as 10% and a closing ratio of 6% or more. Our search engine optimization has allowed our clients to lower their expensive PPC - Google Adwords, while they went up in the search rankings, click through and closing ratios. One RenoSEO client has lowered their monthly advertising costs from $3500 to $420 a month; while increasing sales from $8000 to $40,000 a month. To set up a consultation with Reno SEO contact us by phone or get started now by signing up for our web site evaluation, keyword research, and domain name selection consultation. Two Hour Rate applys!

RenoSEO Hits #1 Yahoo

#1 Yahoo - Reno SEO Client

Reno Search Engine Marketing

Internet Marketing GuaranteeOur Search Engine Marketing is unique to the SEO industry. We offer a complete "search engine optimization" plan for all of our clients because doing small portions of a web site is a waste of your time and money. Listen, Do not be fooled by flashy SEO companies with nice web sites that just want to tweak your copy or your headlines or sell you a pretty site; it is not enough, you will not get the search results you're looking for. Most SEO companies even charge you for submitting to search engines. It is amazing what they do to make a buck.

Improve Search Rankings Now!

In order to get to #1 you must have a qualified SEO or Internet Marketing professional update your site daily. There are SEO companies out there that call themselves marketers, but marketing is more than just a name, it's knowing your target audience and having the skill to reach them for the least amount of money. Make sure you have the right brand name. That is very important. Example: If you have an Web Design Company in Reno you don't name it "Jib-Jab9" you call it Reno Web Design make sure you audience understands what you sell when they see your name. Take Reno SEO for instance.

Reno SEO has a proven Internet marketing strategy to reach the top. We follow our optimization plan to the letter and it works every time. We know how the Internet Search Engines work; and our marketing professionals can deliver fast results for you. We stand by our work. You get to the top or expect a full refund.For more information on exact fees to optimize your web site, you can send an E-Mail or contact Search Engine Marketing Consultant Zane Durant at our Reno, NV Headquarters (775)203-1288

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SEO Translations

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Hey you know what? I had a bunch of my pages translated into spanish, russian, greek etc... I did 10 pages, cost me a bit, but now just a few months later most of those pages are pushing my competitors out of position. Let's be honest, if you think everyone speaks English, you're stupid, lol. If your web site is not optimized and copied into a few if not all available languages you are missing a huge portion of the world. Let us translate your web site with your optimization. Each page runs between $450 and $800. As I have learned translations of your site in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Chinese etc pushes out the competition and also adds to your credibility as an international source of information .

Reno Internet Copywriting

A Search Engine copywriter understands how search engine robots work. A "robot" searches for keywords and related phrases on web pages and compiles them for later use by the search engine. You must have these hot keywords placed properly on your web page where the search engine expects to find them, one of mine,"Reno SEO must be in as many paragraphs as possible. These keywords must be placed at a precise mathematical frequency within your copy or you will never get the rankings you desire. RenoSEO ™ consultants know the numbers and they know copywriting. We research your industry, and your competition and then optimize your current copy for maximum results. At that point, to make it all come together, you must work , in some cases daily, to make your website as visible to search engines as possible. That's our job!

Creating Back Links

Some Search Engine Robots look at your web site to see which sites you are linked to, and who is linked TO YOU. Links to businesses that are related to your subject are a very important part of our design for you. We will be adding a number of these links to complimentary web sites that offer information on your specific category and then as part of our internet marketing services, update your links often for maximum results. Link Building is included in original optimization.

PR & News Releases

Becoming part of the News is the quickest way to get top rankings on all the top search engines. Our Internet marketing plans include a sequence of powerful News Releases to 8500 National Newspapers and Web sites and creating a news source of information about you. News Releases and RSS Feeds will attract thousands of other links from newswires all over the world generating more visitors to your site. It is a major part of any web site's optimization today.

Daily Blogs & RSS Feeds

Blogs (WebLogs) and RSS (News Feeds) are the newest addition to My SEO. These two daily updates are new and extremely powerful and according to all accounts is the #1 most powerful weapon at your disposal for getting top ratings. Having a Blog and RSS is now becoming a must have for all web sites.

SEO Updates

Your Ecommerce web site needs daily updates to be ranked at the top. Our Internet marketing formula includes changing and uploading your daily RSS Feed, maintain your blogs, change meta tags and titles on your main pages, PPC ad copy, and link changes on a daily basis. Without this constant attention your ratings and top position will eventually drop.

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